Who is FC Audio?

I am a professional soundman, stage technician, and sound designer. My mission is to offer audio and visual products and services according to industry standards and best practices, through a creative, constructive, and personalized approach.

I have worked with Cubase software (https://new.steinberg.net/cubase/), for musical production and video post-production audio, for more than ten years. During this time, I have produced various demos and albums for several artists from all genres.

My audio work utilizes multiple digital mediums, broadcast systems and a variety of medias; and with each passing year, I perfect my expertise. I move from project to project in the professional audiovisual and sound recording field working for a variety of cultural events and corporate associations.

Missions Statement

Our goal is to offer products and services according to audio and visual industry standards and best practices through a creative, constructive, and personalized approach.

The technical and artistic reproduction of space and/or a sound instrument by way of a media, a broadcast system or a digital medium.


Music and audio production

Studio recording

professional and mobile manner

You can be recorded “live” or in individual sessions, instrument by instrument. Depending on your project, the targeted results, your experience and your recording goals, a personalized approach will be designed starting with the choice of a recording studio. FC Audio can guide you through this process every step of the way but ultimately the choice is always yours to make.

Audio mixing

can be accomplished using different approaches

You can be involved in every step of the process or you can leave it up to FC Audio. Mixing can be done remotely or collaboratively. You will also have the choice to perform more profound mixes, or rapid mixes all while respecting industry standards.

Audiovisual event service

Sound system

Hold your event with the knowledge that everything will go off without a hitch

Rest assured that everyone will hear what they need to hear according to an aesthetic that represents you. Professionalism and enthusiasm, with spot on results.


Visual production


Do you wish to create a video that enhances your brand or image?

Do you want to record short corporate capsule or a video series that will attract or inform your customers? Do you want to capture your event or produce a live session? FC Audio can help you reach your video recording goals with a standardized audio in a creative and meticulous manner!


Post-Production audio

Do you want to add value to your brand?

Do you want your video clips to overshadow your competitors? FC Audio offers sound design for your videos, web series, film production, advertisements and much more. Optimize the sound of your dialogues with a volume that meets industry standards. Embellish your brand image with the universe of sound and music to keep your audience engaged and eager to see more.


Some significant projects

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